Fall Start 2018

Back to School Prep at The Creek

It’s still summer but with all the back to school sales being advertised you may have started thinking and preparing for fall already… and if you haven’t yet, that’s okay too!

Here’s what you need for school start this fall:

A snack bag (we recommend something insulated if you’re packing perishables)
A lunch bag (if your child is staying past noon. Also, insulated for perishables)
A bucket NOT a backpack. Preschool & Pre-K students need a sturdy car wash style bucket to hold their things. You can get these at Target, Ralphs, and Home Depot too. (Exception: TK/K class students may have a backpack.)
A change of clothes in a ziplock bag
Diaper & Wipes kit if your preschool student is not potty trained

What you DON’T need: paper, pencils, glue, crayons, or other school supplies – we buy it all for you!

Meet Your Teacher Day

Class lists will be posted by 10am Friday August 24 and we will be open for you to drop in and peek at the classroom and meet your child’s teacher from 10am-noon that day as well!

Orientation Day

Mon. August. 27 for MWF/5 Day students from 10:00-11:30am
Tues. August 28 for T/Th students from 10:00-11:30

This is both a parent orientation day (even if you’re returning) and a student orientation day!

* Parents will meet with Mrs. Stefanie in the church sanctuary after dropping off in class to go over school year rules, routines, and get a crash course in the Zoo Phonics program!
* Students will get to ease into the new classroom, teacher, and routines with a short start day. There is no need for snack on Orientation Day.

First Days of School

Tues. August 28 for students in five day classes (Tk/K & 5 Day PreK) will have academic day only on Tuesday. Green Room 8:30-noon, Orange Room 9am-noon. These students will need snack, but there is no lunch bunch, early birds or extended day.

Wed. August 29 for MWF students & Thurs. August. 30 for T/Th studentsRegular Schedule starts today! We’re now open 8am-3pm. Don’t forget snack & lunch (if you’re staying past noon)!

Snack & Lunch Rules

All children must bring a snack to school each day that consists of at least two different food groups. We are required by the state to have two healthy food groups represented per meal: Grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy.

100% juice counts as a food group, anything less is an ‘extra’ that doesn’t count towards the two minimum. Other ‘extras’ include water, chips, cookies, and candy.

We recommend ice packs to help keep perishable foods cool. There is no microwave available for snacks/lunch items.

If your child is also staying for lunch, please pack the lunch in a separate bag. This helps with portion control at snack time :) Lunch must also meet the state mandated 2 food groups rules above.

But Wait… Summer!

We still have 2 more weeks of summer school coming if you want to jump in… it’s a great way to ease back into the school routine! Just sign up for the days you want to come! Learn more here.