Teacher Appreciation Week

Next Week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’ll be celebrating with some very ‘punny’ treat surprises from the school office (stay tuned to Facebook to see them as they’re released so it stays a surprise for the staff)  And here’s some fun ways you can join in too!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.40.46

Starting Monday we’ll have a vase and a starter flower in each classroom and throughout the week you can bring in a flower or two (even pretty weed flowers!) to create a classroom bouquet!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.40.46 1

Show your Class Spirit on Monday (for MWF, Green & Orange) and Tuesday for T/Th students by dressing in as much of your classroom’s color as you own!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.53.33 2
T-Th classes, Green & Orange – bring your teacher a picture you drew just for them!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.53.36 5

Mix up those socks and shoes, wear something backwards, stay in your PJs, style your hair crazy… the sky’s the limit!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.53.36

Thursday for T-Th students and Friday for MWF, Green & Orange.  Your teacher is pretty SUPER so wear your hero gear for one big team-up comic book extravaganza!


Friday is also “National Eat What You Want Day” so Thursday or Friday would be a great day to bring your teacher a sweet treat or a power snack!