Halloween Parade & Parties

You’re Invited to our Halloween Parade & Parties!

Mon. Oct. 30 for MWF & Orange Tues. Oct. 31 for T/Th & Green

The event starts at 11:15am in Fellowship Hall with our Costume Fashion Show & Photo Op Background… followed by potluck parties in the classrooms!

Sign-ups for food are on the parent boards in the classrooms.

Costume Rules: Children can come to school in their costume if they can safely play and have fun in it. However, if it needs to be pristine, or is difficult for them to move, see, or handle their bathroom needs in, you might want to consider coming early (11:00) to dress them so they’re ready to go at parade time.

We also do not allow costumes that celebrate evils: there are no ghosts, goblins, witches, devils, vampires, undead, mummies, etc. allowed.