October News & Events

October is a busy month with lots of fall fun happening!

We will have Preschool & Pre-K adjustment conferences, a visit from Big John the Firetruck, our Pumpkin Patch on-site field trip, and our Halloween Parade & Parties in addition to chapels, music class, a bake sale and the continuation of all our special afternoon classes!

Adjustment Conferences: Preschool & Pre-K students : Oct. 2-6
Adjustment conferences can be scheduled before or after school with your child’s teacher. Sign-up in your classroom. (TK/K conferences in November)

Tk/K to Fire Station: Fri. Oct. 6 our Green room is heading off campus to the fire station to learn about the life of a Fire Fighter and how they live and work!

Chapels: Join us at 11:40 in the sanctuary.
Oct. 5 & 6: The Orange Room will be teaching us about “The Man who was Too Little” and how even though we may be small we’re still important to God!
Oct. 25 & 26: The Red Room will be teaching us about “Joshua and the Big Wall” and how if we trust in God’s power, we can do impossible, mighty things!

Vision Screening: Oct. 9 & 10: The Elks Club will be on site for free vision screenings on these days. You must sign up in advance for your child to be screened. Download a screening form.

Music Classes: Oct. 11 & 12 & 25 & 26 with Mrs. Karen!

Big John The Fire Truck: Oct. 16 & 17
We’re getting a visit from a real firefighter and a special talking fire truck! Parents are welcomed for this special program on fire safety.

Pumpkin Patch: Final Date TBD – watch for an update
We’re bringing in small pumpkins for our own on-site pumpkin patch and pumpkin story time with “Farmer Stefanie” where we will learn how we can let our light shine for God!

Bake Sale: Oct. 27: Support Ms. Cherry’s yellow room by purchasing goodies from the bake sale! YUM!

Halloween Parade & Parties
Oct. 30 for MWF classes
Oct. 31 for T/Th, Green, Orange

Costume Parade starts at 11:15am in Fellowship Hall followed by class parties.
No witches, ghosts, goblins, devils, undead/zombies or other evils allowed.

Martial Arts (Thursdays), Dance (Fridays) and Sports (Mondays & Tuesdays) continue all month and we have a new round of Cooking class on Wednesdays that starts Oct. 4. It’s not too late to join our extracurricular programs – stop by the office for more information or visit the extracurricular classes page for details and sign up forms.