Teacher Appreciation Week

We Love Our Teachers & Staff!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and we wanted to give you some easy ways to celebrate with us. There’s a couple of fun themed days that you can participate in to show school spirit and how much we love our teachers!



We’re having a special lunch for our teachers, provided by River47 church! We also gave our teachers an ‘extra payday’ today :)

Students put handprints on banners today and we’ll be making a handprint walkway to enjoy all week!


We’ll be doing handprints for the handprint walk with Tues/Thurs students.
And we’ll be making a staff Starbucks run to help them kick start their week!

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Wednesday & Thursday

FLOWER POWER! We’ve got empty vases in each classroom, can you bring in a flower or two to create a bouquet? Weeds are welcomed!

chips and dip

Wednesday we’ll be having chips & dip for our teachers to get a snack during the day!

And on Thursday we’ll have delicious fruits out to snack on.


“Donut Worry, Be Happy” – delicious donuts will be waiting for our staff Friday morning.

Friday is also SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY! Wear your classroom color to show who’s class you’re in!