April News

Flooring Work Day:  Don’t forget, this Saturday is our flooring prep day!

We will be stripping the old floors and preparing them for the contractor on Sat. April 1 from 8am-noon.  There will be childcare available on the playground with Mrs. Stefanie!

No special skills needed just a desire to do some physical labor!    Please let us know what hour we can have you and if you will need child care to help us plan. THANK YOU for all you do to help us here at The Creek!

Spring Break:

There will be no school April 3-6.  See you back the week after!

 Palm Sunday:

River47 church will be having their Palm Sunday service out on the lawn on April 9 at 10am if you’d like to join us!

Easter Chapel and Parties:

Wed & Thurs. April 12 & 13 at 11:15 am. (Blue and Orange on Wed.)

We will be having a special chapel celebrating the miracle of Easter, followed by parties in the classrooms. We hope you can join us for the chapel too! Sign ups for the parties will be posted in the classrooms.

We are Closed on Good Friday, April 14.  River47 will have service at 7pm.

Easter Sunday!

Come celebrate with River47 church at 10am April 16!

Preschool Class Conferences:

Purple and Yellow Room classes have their conference week April 17 through 21.  Please check with your child’s teacher for their conference availability and to sign up.

Tk & K Class to Tanaka Farm!

April 24 – they’re heading off campus to visit the strawberry farm!



Our Bike-a-Thon Fundraiser Event returns!  April 27 & 28

Bike-A-Thon is a fundraiser in which the children ride around our track as many laps as they can in a fifteen minute time limit. They can either be sponsored per lap or a flat donation.

After their ride time has ended, and their laps have been counted, the riders are invited to pick up their participation trophies and a popsicle. Please turn in all pledge money into the school office at the end of the event.

This is a fun event, as our children love bringing their very own bikes/scooters/trikes (and safety gear!) from home to ride. In order to participate, your child’s permission slip must be turned in the morning before their ride and they must have a “pit crew” adult with them.

A separate email with more details about the Bike-a-Thon has also gone out today.