February News

February is when we open our registration for Fall 2017 school year to our current families- that’s you! We open registration to the public March 1.

Learn more about classes for next year (ages 2 through Kindergarten) and download registration information.

Daddy N Me Night

Thurs. Feb 9 from 6:00-7:00pm

We’re having a “drop in” STEAM project evening at The Creek. Come work on a trap for a Gingerbread Man! Pajamas welcomed!

(Daddy unavailable? A grandpa, uncle, or special friend is welcome to substitute!)

Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Feb 13th—for MWF Classes + Orange & Blue
Feb 14th – for T/Th Classes

We’re exchanging cards for Valentine’s Day to show how much we love our friends! If your child is bringing cards for their classmates, please make sure that you bring one for every student so no one is left out. Younger students may want to leave the “to” section blank and just sign them to make distribution easier since they’re still emerging readers.

Some of our classes are also doing a special treat – check with your child’s teacher for your student’s specific room’s plan and needs.

Pre-K Conferences

Week of Feb. 20 – Before/After School

With registration for next year looming, our Pre-K classes are having their formal conference check ins with an eye for TK/K readiness for fall. See your child’s teacher to sign up for a time to discuss this year’s growth and continued progress plans for the rest of the year.

TK & K Classes Conference in March at the close of the second trimester.
Preschool classes conference in April.


Feb. 9 & 10 – 11:40am
The Orange Room will be teaching us about how God will protect us… no matter how scary things can get! In the story of “Daniel and the Lions” we will see Daniel’s faith in God give him courage to stand up for God even in scary times.

Feb. 23 & 24 – 11:40am
The Yellow Room will be teaching us about “The Man Who Helped” (you may know it as “The Good Samaritan”). We will learn that God wants us to help each other and take of one another.

School Holidays

We are closed Feb. 17 & 20 for the President’s Day holidays.

Bake Sale

Mrs. Jennifer thanks everyone for your donations during her Blustery Day Bake Sale! Her classroom will be getting some new math center goodies and paying off their special Thanksgiving Playset with the funds raised.

February’s bake sale supports the Red Room: Mrs. Cathy and Mrs. Elizabeth’s classes will have yummy treats for you… and all donations go towards the purchase of special new goodies for their classroom!

Toddler Music Class

Our Toddler Music class on Thursdays is back!
Thursday mornings on our music days we have a special class for toddlers ages 1-2 who aren’t part of our preschool classes… if you haven’t signed up yet, its not too late to join! Feel free to invite friends too – this class is open to the public.

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