Baby Shark-ke Challenge

You may have seen the Kiki Challenge sweeping the internet… but did you know there’s a preschool version? Yep, combining the hottest preschool song of the summer with the Kiki Challenge results in… the Baby Shark-ke Challenge! And we took it!

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The Creek Preschool is answering the #kikichallenge .. preschool style!
The Baby Shark-ke Challenge

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PS – Disclaimer: We don’t own the rights to the music…. wish we did though

Posted by The Creek Preschool & Kindergarten on Friday, August 10, 2018

Fall Start 2018

Back to School Prep at The Creek

It’s still summer but with all the back to school sales being advertised you may have started thinking and preparing for fall already… and if you haven’t yet, that’s okay too!

Here’s what you need for school start this fall:

A snack bag (we recommend something insulated if you’re packing perishables)
A lunch bag (if your child is staying past noon. Also, insulated for perishables)
A bucket NOT a backpack. Preschool & Pre-K students need a sturdy car wash style bucket to hold their things. You can get these at Target, Ralphs, and Home Depot too. (Exception: TK/K class students may have a backpack.)
A change of clothes in a ziplock bag
Diaper & Wipes kit if your preschool student is not potty trained

What you DON’T need: paper, pencils, glue, crayons, or other school supplies – we buy it all for you!

Meet Your Teacher Day

Class lists will be posted by 10am Friday August 24 and we will be open for you to drop in and peek at the classroom and meet your child’s teacher from 10am-noon that day as well!

Orientation Day

Mon. August. 27 for MWF/5 Day students from 10:00-11:30am
Tues. August 28 for T/Th students from 10:00-11:30

This is both a parent orientation day (even if you’re returning) and a student orientation day!

* Parents will meet with Mrs. Stefanie in the church sanctuary after dropping off in class to go over school year rules, routines, and get a crash course in the Zoo Phonics program!
* Students will get to ease into the new classroom, teacher, and routines with a short start day. There is no need for snack on Orientation Day.

First Days of School

Tues. August 28 for students in five day classes (Tk/K & 5 Day PreK) will have academic day only on Tuesday. Green Room 8:30-noon, Orange Room 9am-noon. These students will need snack, but there is no lunch bunch, early birds or extended day.

Wed. August 29 for MWF students & Thurs. August. 30 for T/Th studentsRegular Schedule starts today! We’re now open 8am-3pm. Don’t forget snack & lunch (if you’re staying past noon)!

Snack & Lunch Rules

All children must bring a snack to school each day that consists of at least two different food groups. We are required by the state to have two healthy food groups represented per meal: Grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy.

100% juice counts as a food group, anything less is an ‘extra’ that doesn’t count towards the two minimum. Other ‘extras’ include water, chips, cookies, and candy.

We recommend ice packs to help keep perishable foods cool. There is no microwave available for snacks/lunch items.

If your child is also staying for lunch, please pack the lunch in a separate bag. This helps with portion control at snack time :) Lunch must also meet the state mandated 2 food groups rules above.

But Wait… Summer!

We still have 2 more weeks of summer school coming if you want to jump in… it’s a great way to ease back into the school routine! Just sign up for the days you want to come! Learn more here.

Last Days of School


Can you believe the year is almost over? It’s flown by, and these last few weeks will be disappearing fast, so make sure to mark your calendars for these important dates!

Last Days of School, Promotion Ceremony & Promotion Parties: June 6 & 7 at 10:30am – Join us in the sanctuary at 10:30 where every class will showcase a special song, receive their promotion medallions, and then head back to class for our goodbye parties.

ORANGE and GREEN have their Promotion on THURSDAY June 7!
There is no school Friday June 8.


Summer School: Don’t forget to sign up for the summer program at The Creek! We do not guarantee space for walk-ins, so reserve your days early. Summer Classes start June 11. For more information about Summer School, click here.

Summer Music Classes at The Creek: Mrs. Karen will be having babies/toddlers and Preschool classes this summer and one location is at The Creek! Scroll down to the Orange listing on her summer schedule here.

Summer Tutoring: Mrs. Jennifer is offering one on one skills work in small motor/writing, math and language arts. For preschool, prek and K to first!
More info here.

Registration for Fall:

If you’re not yet registered for fall (or know someone who is planning on coming but hasn’t signed up yet) do it now! Several of our classes are nearly full!

Visit our Registration Page for more info and to download forms. 

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next Week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

We’ll be celebrating with some very ‘punny’ treat surprises from the school office (stay tuned to Facebook to see them as they’re released so it stays a surprise for the staff)  And here’s some fun ways you can join in too!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.40.46

Starting Monday we’ll have a vase and a starter flower in each classroom and throughout the week you can bring in a flower or two (even pretty weed flowers!) to create a classroom bouquet!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.40.46 1

Show your Class Spirit on Monday (for MWF, Green & Orange) and Tuesday for T/Th students by dressing in as much of your classroom’s color as you own!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.53.33 2
T-Th classes, Green & Orange – bring your teacher a picture you drew just for them!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.53.36 5

Mix up those socks and shoes, wear something backwards, stay in your PJs, style your hair crazy… the sky’s the limit!

Screenshot 2018-05-02 13.53.36

Thursday for T-Th students and Friday for MWF, Green & Orange.  Your teacher is pretty SUPER so wear your hero gear for one big team-up comic book extravaganza!


Friday is also “National Eat What You Want Day” so Thursday or Friday would be a great day to bring your teacher a sweet treat or a power snack!

Mommy & Me Tea


Mommy & Me Tea

Come to our annual Mommy & Me Tea! With a fun STEAM craft time, tasty treats and your little love, it’s sure to be a good time

Thurs. May 3 for T/Th Classes
Fri. May 4 for MWF Orange & Green

Spring Pictures!

30516134_1830029617041328_1511338350819147776_oPicture Day

Thursday April 19 for Red, Purple and 5 day students in Orange and Green.

Friday April 20 for Red, Purple, and Yellow as well as MWF only Orange & Green students.

Actual picture day background is shown.

Green Room students will be photographed with cap and gown as well as the main spring set.

After picture day information for online proofing and ordering will be sent home.

Bike-a-Thon Fundraiser!



April 26 for T/Th Classes

April 27 for MWF, Orange & Green29792806_1825024250875198_1564007891252281344_n

It’s time to ride for the school as we turn the parking lot into a race track!

Get sponsors, and come prepared to ride, ride, ride, for this school fundraiser!

Bike-A-Thon is a fundraiser in which the children ride around our track as many laps as they can in a fifteen minute time limit. They can either be sponsored per lap or a flat donation.

After their ride time has ended, and their laps have been counted, the riders are invited to pick up their participation trophies and a popsicle.

This is a fun event, as our children love bringing their very own bikes/scooters/trikes (and safety gear!) from home to ride. In order to participate, your child’s permission slip must be turned in the morning before their ride and they must have a “pit crew” adult with them.

Children who do not have a pit crew adult will participate in other activities during the event.

Click here for our fundraising page with a video showcasing a previous year’s Bike-a-Thon event!

Ride Times

Thursday, April 26
11:10am –Red
11:30am – Purple

Friday, April 27
10:50am – Green
11:10am –Red, Orange
11:30am – Purple, Yellow

A Bike-a-Thon packet is going home this week in buckets. Missed it or need a fresh copy?
Download the info packet | Download the permission slipDownload the sponsor sheet |

How Can We Prepare?

First, please take the sponsor sheet to friends, neighbors and relatives and ask them to support our school by sponsoring your child in the Bike-A-Thon. We are raising money for our playground!

Sponsors can pledge an amount per lap, or they can donate a set amount.
Our Tax ID # is 95-4712403 and donations are tax deductible!

Second, decide who will be in your child’s “Pit Crew” – an adult is required to be on site supervising the ride. Additional pit crew members and cheering
fans are always welcome too!


Students who raise $100 or more win admission to the “Princess & the SuperHero” party! (An incredibly awesome character event full of games and laughter – details on which characters will be revealed next week!)

Students who raise $50 or more earn a Creek pennant!

And the class that raises the most money earns an ice cream party!

The Day of the Bike-a-Thon

Bring the bike/scooter and helmet to school either at morning drop off (we’ll have bike parking in the basketball court) or right before your child’s ride time. Make sure you have turned your permission slip into the school office.

When it is time for your child to ride, make sure you sign your child out of the class, and then head out to have some fun!

Out on the track (we’ve blocked off part of the parking lot) we’ll have the kids line up at the start zone and get ready for their endurance race. We give the children 15 minutes to ride at their own pace before announcing the end of the ride time.

After the ride, we’ll have a cold Popsicle treat on the lawn, and all children who ride can pick up their trophy too!

How do we collect the money?

If the sponsor is pledging money per lap completed, you’ll need to check in with them after the event, so they know how many laps your child did and how much they owe.

If the sponsor is pledging a flat donation for participation, you can collect the money before the event.

All checks should be made out to “The Creek Preschool.” Money and pledge sheets are turned into the school office.

Donations are due by May 15 in order to count towards the party!

February Special Events

Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

Feb 14th—for MWF Classes + Orange & Green
Feb 15th – for T/Th Classes

We’re exchanging cards for Valentine’s Day to show how much we love our friends! If your child is bringing cards for their classmates, please make sure that you bring one for every student so no one is left out. Younger students may want to leave the “to” section blank and just sign them to make distribution easier since they’re still emerging readers.

While there is no ‘party’ we  are doing a special treat – we’re decorating heart shaped cookies!

 School Holidays

We are closed Feb. 16 & 19  for the President’s Day holidays.

 Pre-K Conferences

Week of Feb. 20 – Before/After School

With registration for next year happening, our Pre-K classes are having their formal conference check ins with an eye for TK/K readiness for fall. See your child’s teacher to sign up for a time to discuss this year’s growth and continued progress plans for the rest of the year.

TK & K Classes Conference in April at the close of the second trimester.
Preschool classes conference in May.

OCMA Self Defense Class for Ladies & Teens

We’re hosting a ladies group self defense class with OC Martial Arts  on Friday February 23 from 7-9pm – At the OC Martial studio  at 3126 E. Chapman Avenue (Off Chapman & Prospect).

Just $5/person.  Maxes at 20 participants

Sign up in the Creek office or email

Can’t make this one but interested in a future workshop? Let us know!

Registration for Fall 2018 is Open!

If you’re returning with us next year make sure to register your student for the fall academic year before we open to the public March 1. Discounted registration fee is valid through March 31.  For more information about classes and schedules for Fall 2018 click here.

Ladies Self Defense Class

Self Defense Workshop - 1 page flyer-page-001 (2)


Come join us for a self defense class hosted by Master Kris of OC Martial Arts (who runs our “Little Ninjas” after school enrichment class) for a two hour practical class on self defense.

Friday February 23 from 7-9pm

At 3126 E. Chapman Avenue (Off Chapman & Prospect)

Just $5/person. Maxes at 20 participants

Sign up in the Creek office or email

Can’t make this one but interested in a future workshop? Let us know!